zaterdag 18 oktober 2008

ABT 409 - ABT 409

Back to the swiss underground in the 1980’s, travelling across the country, from one border town, basel, to the other border town, geneva. the genevan label helvete underground published a couple of very interesting records during the 1980s of very interesting, although i think quite forgotten bands. one record of this label. one of these i think also very shortlived bands was abt 409. again i do not know too much about them. a lot of raw energy, kind of a controlled rudeness - the attending punks were very impressed. so was i. the music is kind of square and hard - but thanks to the drumming and the bass with its metallic sound pretty funky. just that you don’t get the wrong idea: abt 409 consisted of drums, bass, bass, and voice. right, two times bass, no guitar. and you’re not even gonna miss it. and it explains the deep pressure of the music. the first track on the second side, eye witness, was for me just a hit. it actually still is. nothing i know about the band members - well, they were are also using rather…err…kryptic names. but two names on the sleeve are very much familiar and worth noting: roli mosimann for the production. yeah, that explains the tight drum-sounds. it’s a very crisp production anyway. and voco fauxpas as engineer - voco fauxpas might be one of the most often listed names on (not only) swiss underground records during the eighties.

Downloads :

ABT 409 - Weather Bound
ABT 409 - Living Paradox
ABT 409 - Breakage
ABT 409 - Eye Witness
ABT 409 - Abnor Cha

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