zondag 19 oktober 2008

Karen finley - Tales Of Taboo

Karen Finley (b. 1956, Evanston, Illinois) is a controversial American performance artist, whose theatrical pieces and recordings have often been labelled "obscene" due to their graphic depictions of sexuality, abuse, and disenfranchisement. She was notably one of the NEA Four, four performance artists whose grants from the National Endowment for the Arts were vetoed in 1990 by John Frohnmayer after the process was condemned by Senator Jesse Helms under "decency" issues.

Finley's early recordings featured her ranting crass monologues over disco beats (and she would often perform her songs late night at the famed club Danceteria, where she worked). These recordings include the singles "Tales of Taboo" from 1986 and "Lick It" from 1988 (both produced by Madonna collaborator Mark Kamins) plus the 1988 album, The Truth Is Hard To Swallow (re-released on CD, with a slightly different track listing, as Fear Of Living in 1994; in conjunction with the re-release, both "Tales Of Taboo" and "Lick It" appeared on 12-inch again with new remixes by Super DJ Dmitry, Junior Vasquez, and other DJs of note). She also made a guest appearance on a remix of Sinéad O'Connor's "Jump in the River," and was prominently sampled by S'Express on the classic dance floor cut-up, "Theme from S'Express" (her "Drop that ghetto blaster/suck me off" vocal - sampled from "Tales of Taboo" - formed something of a chorus in the song).

Downloads :

Karen finley - Tales Of Taboo (Radio Mix)
Karen finley - Belgian Waffles (Instrumental Version)
Karen finley - The Yam Jam (Bonus Rap/Beat)
Karen finley - The Naked Truth (Acapella)

Karen Finley - Suck My Pussy ( Frankie's going wild mix )
This is more of a new remix version

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the really hard to find-is 12" of "lick it "with 4 mixes-included "no tisked no tasked mix"-alvaro-from uruguay-south america