zaterdag 18 oktober 2008

He Said - Pump

Edvard Graham Lewis is an artist whose career has spanned twenty years and nearly as many music styles. From his beginings with Wire (pictured at right, from left to right, Newman, Gilbert, Gotobed, and Lewis), through his colaborations with fellow Wire-mate Bruce Gilbert (Dome, Duet Emmo, Cupol, P'O, MZUI), to his solo project and recent colaborations (He Said, H.A.L.O., He Said Omala, Ocsid, Hox), he has been responsible for much ground-breaking and style-setting work.

Lewis's solo work was done under the name He Said. Released in 1986, the same year as Wire's reformation, the first album, "Hail!" includes contributions by Gilbert, John Fryer, Brian Eno, Anglea Conway and others. The follow-up, "Take Care", was released in 1989.

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He Said - Pump
He Said - To & Fro
He Said - Pump (Instrumental)

He Said - Pump

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Evan zei

i love the vocal pump, but the instrumental version is not being found by zshare... is a re-up possible?